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Tornado & Severe Weather

  • NOAA Tornado Warning Text and Coordinates
  • Polygon Loaded on Map and Text Delivery
  • Polygon Pulls Public Call List for Notification
  • Automated or Manual Public Notification
  • Animated or Public Responder Notification
  • NWS Severe Thunder Storm Warning Received
  • Responder and Public Notification
  • Voice, SMS, e-mail, cell-mail, FAX, POPUP

New Call Center

  • Phone, Cell, FAX, SMS, E-mail, Pop-ups and more
  • Twenty-five High Capacity Notification Parallel Delivery
  • (25) Second Activation; mobile or hosted
  • Message Replay Prompting Option with IVR Capability
  • Reports and Messages Available All Calls All Notifications
  • IVR Returned in Sixty (60) Seconds; peripheral to application
  • Responder and Public Notification Simultaneously in Parallel

SMS Text Messaging

  • New “TURBO SMS™” Multi-Pipe Delivery
  • Twice the Speed of Conventional SMS
  • Secure Short Code “SPAM” Protection
  • Multi-aggregate Switching Delivery
  • Available with Instant Messaging Pop-ups
  • Pricing Comparable to Conventional SMS
  • “OPT-IN” Web Site Option Available

PopAlert for Desktop Computers

  • Send Message Screen to Client Computer
  • Rings Selectable Alert Sound
  • Require Response from Client User
  • Send Response Back to Application
  • Deliver SMS to Client Cell Phone
  • Redirect Client to Emergency Web Site
  • Display Information and/or Play Message

Social Networking Notification

  • Mass Notification Utilizing Social Media
  • Twitter and Facebook Information Delivery
  • Solutions Customized to Requirements
  • Integrated with Responder & Public Alerting
  • Available when Other Systems are Inoperable
  • Contact the EMTEL Consulting Team

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